The Town of Dauphin Island, Alabama
dauphin island alabama
Dauphin Island Trivia

Did you know..........

(1) The Dauphin Island Bridge is 3 miles long, and was opened to the public in 1982 after Hurricane Frederic destoryed the drawbridge in 1979. Dauphin Island is 14 miles long from east to west, and only 1 3/4 miles wide at its widest point.

(2) The Golf Ball shaped Dauphin Island water tower can hold 135,000 gallons of water.

(3) Dauphin Island is a barrier island and helps protect the mainland from tropical storms.

(4) Dauphin Island was mapped in 1519 by Alzono Pineda. That's almost 500 years ago.

(5) Sand Island Lighthouse is located 3 miles south of Dauphin Island, Alabama in the Gulf of Mexico. It was constructed by the renowned lighthouse builder Winslow Lewis in 1873.

(6) Dauphin Island has it's own school, airport and 4 churches.

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