Dauphin Island Sunset Capital of Alabama

Mowing Suspended: “It’s For the Birds”!

Mowing Suspended:  "It’s For the Birds”! Mowing grass & native wildflowers eliminates a vital food source that arriving migrant birds have depended on for thousands of years.  The Town of Dauphin Island in partnership with the Dauphin Island Bird Sanctuaries (DIBS) are implementing the “We’re All About The Birds” project and here’s what it means.  Mowing will be suspended along certain streets on the island to allow native wildflowers to grow and provide that essential source of foods for these migrants after their 600 mile non-stop journey across the Gulf. Streets within the project areas include Forney Johnston (south of Bienville) east to Audubon and south to Admiral Semmes, the east side of Grant Street and the north shoulder of Fort Charlotte. In addition to these streets, the front lawn of Town Hall will also go without mowing as it contains one of the most sought after plants by visiting birds such as Indigo & Painted Buntings and other migrants; Lyreleaf Sage. Mowers are scheduled to return to these areas by early May but homeowners are free to mow in front of their residences if they prefer not to participate OR they can go a step further, and not mow their own yards!  If a homeowner is interested in participating, a member of DIBS will be glad to come out and check your yard for these plants.  Call 861-BIRD (2473) for further infomation.   

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