Dauphin Island Sunset Capital of Alabama


Eat, Swim and Be Healthy
There have been several reported cases (since March 2017) of people contracting the Vibrio vulnificus bacteria after eating raw or undercooked seafood or from exposing open wounds to bodies of water along the Alabama coast. Vibrio bacteria naturally live in certain coastal waters and are present in higher concentrations between May and October when water temperatures are warmer. However, the bacteria can be present throughout the year in some areas. Health Department officials recommend the following helpful hints to reduce your exposure to the potential harmful effects of the bacteria: (1) fully cook seafood before eating it (2) avoid entering bodies of water if you have cuts or abrasions and (3) if injured while in the water clean wound at once to reduce risk of infection. For more information check out the Alabama Department of Public Health website at alabamadepartmentofpublichealth.com or Mobile County Health Department at MCHD.org. 

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