Dauphin Island Sunset Capital of Alabama

Rip Current Signs Installed

Rip Current Signs Installed  As spring and summer approach and the beaches fill with people soaking up the sun and enjoying area waters, swimmers will notice a number of new additions to the island intended to keep everyone safe when the Gulf serves up rough conditions. Three solar powered signs have recently been erected, one on Lemoyne as you enter the island and one located on Bienville east and west, that will flash when rip current conditions are at high risk levels. In addition, traditional signage has been installed along each of the more than 30 side streets leading from Bienville to the Gulf beaches along the island’s west end in order to further remind swimmers of the potential danger and hopefully save lives. The town expresses its appreciation to the Park & Beach Board for covering the cost of one of the lighted signs (approx. $2,000) and to the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Program for picking up half the cost associated with 50 metal signs! Although these measures are indeed an improvement, we respectfully request and encourage other beach owners (ex. gated communities, etc.) to take similar steps to insure all Gulf-fronting areas are properly posted. Let’s all strive to stay “Surf Safe”!

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